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One of the aspects that always amused me in old games was the scoring system, always bringing an extra challenge and making us wanting to play a little more to beat your own record or that of our friend.

So, I implemented a scoring system in Ninshi Masuta that supports the leaderboards of Steam, so you can compare and try to beat your friends (and even the world) in the game.

World Map - Ninshi Masuta

In addition to the score, the game also saves the time you spend completing a level or boss stage, also supporting the Steam leaderboards.

The rankings are per stage, with ranking tables for each of them, in addition to a table for the complete game, both for time and score. And after finishing the game, you can go back to each stage and try to improve the time and the score, as this will update your total playing time for Steam.

And how does the scoring system work? Each enemy in the game gives you a number of points, and the way you defeat it gives you more or less points.

score and time of the first stage
Score and time of the first stage

Defeating this enemy with shuriken gives you 100 points, close attacks gives 200 points and grenade 300 points.

That is, whoever wants to have more points will need to be precise and approach the enemies to defeat them, which will not always be easy.

Ready to be on first on leaderboards?